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Back in the 1970's I solved the problem of keeping sets of plow plane cutters together, organized, and protected from humidity.

I made a shallow dovetailed box with a sliding lid and an interior rack for my cutters.

In order to lock the cutters in their respective slots I made a sliding restraint bar consisting of a little board that slides in grooves on both sides of the box's interior.

The plow cutters are slightly inclined from the cutting end to the back so that when the little board is slid back in the grooves it comes to bear on the cutters and locks them in place.

This photo shows how the sliding bar is engaged in grooves at either end. It is slid toward the cutting edges to release the tension on the cutters. I had found my first English chariot plane at the time and I commemorated it in the little relief carving on the bar.

This photo illustrates the box ,with its lid slid back and the cutters tightly
restrained in their slots. The absent cutter stays in one of my plows set to use.

This photo shows the cross bar slid free of its grooves.

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