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  Two Little Guys  


I have two little shoulder planes and frequently use them for the finest fitting of sliding lids on tool boxes.



They do exactly the same work as a full sized English shoulder plane but on a much smaller scale.

They are far easier to control on a small piece of wood than a big shoulder plane. Both my little shoulder planes have black ebony infill and wedges and appear to have been craftsman made rather than manufactured in volume. The angle of the blades are the same as a big shoulder plane.

The little shoulder planes rest atop "The Thundering Herd" for scale.

I use shoulder planes frequently for many other tasks beside trimming tenon shoulders. They make excellent shooting planes on a small scale because the hardest end grain is no challenge for them. The upper plane is marked, "John King". The other one is unmarked.

This is another view of my little shoulder planes with normal sized shoulder planes.

Shoulder planes were essential tools in English cabinetmakers' shops but were seldom used in America except by piano makers.

This photo shows the scale of my little shoulder planes compared
to a normal shoulder plane.

I use the smaller of the two to cut the rabbets on the margins of sliding box lids.

I have the other one set for cutting the finest of shavings
for the final fitting of a sliding box lids.

James E. Price
August, 2017



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