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If you have followed my posts you are aware that I build cases for lots of my tools.

I put the icons in recesses so they do not project past the surface of the case end.

Today I made a circular recess to hold an icon consisting of some brass cherubs to celebrate The Victorian Era during which the infill plane was made that will be housed in the case.

Circular recesses in thin wood are hard to make with unplugged tools. An expansive bit will cut a hole in thick wood but the lead screw will go out the other side in thin wood. This post shows how in my unplugged world I create a circular recess.

On the end of a case I mark center by using a straightedge set
on diagonally opposing corners.

Instead of using a compass to mark the circle, I use a template.

This photo shows the circle on the end of the case. The wood is cherry.

I use one of my robust circle cutters to cut a deep slit around
the circumference of the circle.

This photo shows the circle cutter with its pivot point and skitter.

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