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  Another Tallow Pot  


It is always good to meet my friends from the UK at Midwest Tool Collectors Association meetings and find out what tool goodies they brought to sell.


I added another tallow pot to my collection of specimens with carved boxwood figures on their lids.

The first photos show the recent acquisition and the last one shows it with the other three I have been able to acquire over the years. I have no idea if this type of tallow pot was regional or if they were made throughout England in the 19th Century.

I have a feeling that they were made by one man or a group of men in one region.

For those of you who do not know the function of tallow pots, they served as containers for storing animal fat, primarily mutton tallow, for use in lubricating the soles of planes and the blades of saws and were used exclusively by woodworkers.

This tallow pot has a fish carved from boxwood on its lid.
The scales were carefully made by cuts made with a small gouge.

This is a closer view of the carved fish.

This is a side view of the tallow pot with the fish peeking from atop the lid.

The pot still contains some tallow.

On the upper left is the new addition and the other three are ones I have been able to acquire in the last forty years. The specimen on the upper right has a carving of a cat in a basket on its lid. The one on the lower left has a carving of a hedgehog and the one on the lower right depicts a mermaid.

James E. Price
August, 2017



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