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This post provides
a closer look at the
19th Century Cased Leather Strop incase you want to replicate it.



It is made of mahogany and measures 9 inches in overall length. The leather is 7 5/8 x 2 inches and the height, including the lid, is 1-3/4ths inches.

Note that the bottom is cut out in the shape of a Cupid's bow and there is a projection or "foot" on one end with two little steel spikes that dig in and prevent it from slipping while in use. The leather is charged with red Tripoli polishing rouge and remains soft from oil or perhaps tallow.

This is an oblique view of the case with the lid closed.

The lid pivots on a countersunk screw and swings aside
to expose the leather surface.

This photo illustrates the side profile of the Cupid's bow and
the extended "foot" on one end.

The "foot" is gracefully formed.

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