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I rarely post any "Editorial Note" or "Letter from the Editor" here. The site is informal and I focus primarily on content. However, there is something that needs a few words.

Many of you noticed that there are changes occurring in the "Contributors" menu. Some familiar names were replaced with new ones and an additional page - "Other Contributors" - was added. Yes, I am making small changes to the website and bringing in new contributors.

I received several emails from readers about Schwarz's section with questions about it being moved to "Other Contributors" page. At the same time a few rumors and speculations about it popped up on various forums.

Chris Schwarz informed me at the beginning of this year that he will not engage anymore in tool review articles for Fine Tool Journal. He decided that it is more important for him to concentrate on his publishing business and his passion of building interesting pieces of furniture.

Since almost all his posts with us were a "reprint" of articles from Fine Tool Journal, it is understandable that new material from Chris was not forthcoming anymore. I have kept his section at the front for almost a year and recently I have move it to the "Other Contributors" page. All articles are still available to the readers and Google search was not affected with this "relocation". That's all there is to it.

Now, since I have your attention - there will be more "relocations" like that in the near future. Some of our contributors decided to retire, others moved their focus to other priorities in their lives. My sincere Thank You! to all of them for working together to built this website.

My goal is to continue delivering fresh and exciting material. We will bring new contributors to share their knowledge and experience. I also invite everyone to consider contributing to this unique and popular website. Please send your articles and share your experiences with others.

Wiktor A. Kuc

November, 2014


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