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  Millers Falls Hand Drill No. 5 Main Gear  

Buying the No. 5 hand grill was a disappointing experience for me several times.  The major problem I find in these drills is a main gear.  It was broken quite often and several times the drills in that condition landed in my shop.

Here is an example.

A large chip in the rim.  I remember buying this drill and being a bit nonchalant with viewing pictures displayed on eBay.  I remember thinking - I have seen enough drills to know what I am buying. 

Not so fast...

I can't explain how this happened that I didn't see this chip...  I guess I was not looking carefully enough.  I realized that I need to talk about these kinds of problems on this site, so I cleaned the gear to take a few photos.

After cleaning I examined the gear more carefully and realized the chipped rim is not the only issue here.  There are two more cracks that I didn't see at first glance.  Here they are:

The blow this drill received must have been strong.  It most likely happened when the drill fell from the bench on the hard floor, or was accidentally dropped by the user.  Here are a few detailed pictures of the cracks on spokes.

This one was really difficult to see.  Only very close inspection uncovered it.

This crack already had some oil and gunk in it and I found it easily.  Obviously, this gear is not usable and it will go into a drawer with other parts that are not good anymore.

Just a few weeks ago I received a drill for restoration from one of my customers.  It has a similar problem but I have to repair it.  I will talk about it next time.

Watch what you buy!



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