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  Here's a Tongue-Twister
Warren Sheaf., November 25, 1909, Warren, Marshall County, Minn.

Grenville Kleiser, instructor of the Public Speaking Club of America, whose headquarters is at the West side T. M. C. A. in New York, defies anybody to repeat accurately from memory the following tongue-twister:

Esau Wod sawed wood. Esau Wood
would saw wood. All the wood Esau
Wood saw Esau Wood would saw.

In other words, all the wood Esau saw
to saw Esau sought to saw. Oh, the
wood Wood would saw!

And, Oh, the
wood saw with which Wood would
saw wood! But one day Wood's wood
saw would saw no wood and thus the
wood Wood sawed was not the wood
Wood would saw if Wood's saw would
saw wood. Now, Wood would saw
wood with a wood saw that would saw
wood, so Esau sought a saw that
would saw wood. One day Esau saw
a saw saw wood as no other woodsaw
Wood saw.

In fact, of all the
wood-saws Wood ever saw saw wood,
Wood never saw a wood-saw that
would saw wood as the wood-saw
Wood saw saw wood, and I never saw
a wood-saw that would saw as the
wood-saw Wood saw would saw until
I saw Esau Wood saw wood with the
wood-saw Wood saw saw wood. Now
Wood saws wood with the wood-saw
Wood saw saw wood.


Mr. Kleiser was formerly a member of the Yale faculty.

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