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  Grindstone Factory in Berea, OH from Ohio - Supplementary Volume by Stella S. Wilson, 1902  

Since the beginning of my research work on saws I was interested in finding out more info about grindstones used in sawmaking specifically and in toolmaking in general. But it seem like this subject was always a second priority and I never really started any work on that.

Today, as I was looking for some more info on Geo. H. Bishop and his sawmaking business, I run into a little booklet about Ohio, written by Stella S. Wilson in 1902. She was a head of the Science Department of the Central High School in Columbus, Ohio.

It appears that the booklet is a supplementary instruction guide for teachers of geography at high schools. As I was browsing through it, the picture of huge grindstones caught my eye... Looks like I will be working on this industry in the near future.

John Baldwin founded the grindstone industry and town of Berea.

He produced the grindstones that made the town famous as a "Grindstone Capital of the World".


Sandstone is found east of a line drawn from Erie County in the north to Adams County in the south. There are many uses for sandstone; when the strata are thick and the stone comes out in large blocks, it is used for all kinds of building purposes.
In Lorain and Cuyahoga counties are some of the best sandstone quarries in the United States. The stone is called "Berea Grit," from Berea, where there is a very important quarry.

Sandstone quarry in Berea, OH. The stone is cut out with saws.

The stone in this quarry is from 65 to 75 feet in thickness, and has been quarried to a depth of 40 feet; it has been used in making some of the finest public buildings in New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Boston, and in some of the large cities of Canada. The Canadian Parliament House is made of Berea stone.

The thinner strata of sandstone, if taken out in large slabs, are used for flagging and for paving blocks. Near Warren is a flagstone quarry. If the stone has a fine, even grain it is used for grindstones and whetstones. Suitable stone for both these purposes is also found at Berea, and the largest grindstone factory in the world is situated there.

Berea, OH - The largest grindstone factory in the world.

Grindstones from this factory are shipped to all parts of the civilized world. Some of those in the picture were being made to send to Russia. Some of the purest sandstone is ground up, and put with limestone and soda to form glass.

Near Newark there is a fine glass sand. Some of the places where sandstone is produced in quantities large enough for shipping are: Berea, Amherst, Akron, and Massillon, in the north, Zanesville and Lancaster, in the interior, and on the Ohio River, Buena Vista, Steubenville and Portsmouth. Cuyahoga County is the most important quarry district in the United States.



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