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W. & S. Butcher - The Sheffield Independent, 4 January 1871


Making a Knife

Two men are requisite to forge a knife blade, and it is forged with exactly so many blows, no more, no less. I stood by a forge one day where two men were working, and I asked them to turn out the blade of a table-knife complete.  They were then working upon the steel part only, without the shank and bolster, which are made of iron.

In less time than I am telling the story they had clipped off a bit of iron, heated, hammered, and struck it in the die to form the shoulder.  The bit of steel was rapidly formed into the blade, the latter being then welded to its iron companion, and then being cooled and placed in my hand, I had the first product of that skill which, adjoined to temper and polish and a handle of ivory, would finally find its way to the table of wealth or royalty.


Jehiel Keeler Hoyt



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W. & S. Butcher


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