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  Frat of a Sheffield File Maker,  The Journal of Society of Arts, 1867  

The Ironmonger records that a few weeks since a file 19 in. long, 8 in. wide, and 1 in. thick, was cut at Messrs. Samuel Newbould and Co.ís, Bridgefield Works, Sheffield.

The chisel used in cutting it was upward of 12 in. in length, and had been made and was held by Samuel Brooks.  The striker, with a hammer 22 lb. weight, was Richard Wilson, and not a foul stroke was given.

The file is rough on one side, and bastard-cut on the other.  Not one of the workmen, except the cutter, could be found to say that it was possible to cut so large a file in one row; but the success was most complete.

The file was admired on account of its perfect truth and level.  The novelty in the file is this that, instead of being over-cut and up-cut in rows, one row suffices for over-cutting and one for the up-cut. It is, consequently, truer than it could have been by the other process.

The Journal of Society of Arts, November 15, 1867, (London, 1867).



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