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  Save your Old Files and Rasps, Scientific American, 1864  

A correspondent of the Main Farmer says old files and rasps may be made nearly equal to new ones.  First boil them in soap, lye, or a mixture of slacked lime and soda in water.  This done, wash them in water and directly throw them into a vessel full of diluted sulphuric acid, formed of one part acid and six parts water; let them remain here for some time, the exact period being easily found by taking out a file, observing whether the nicks appear sharp or not.

As soon the sharpening is effected, the files must be taken out and washed in another vessel containing a solution of soda, about an ounce of soda to a pail of water.

[The best way to repair an old file is to go and buy a new one.  We always advocate economy in every case - economical economy - not that sort which saves at the spigot and leaks at the bunghole.  Files re-cut in this way do not pay for the trouble; and for general use it is better to go and buy a new one than potter with acids, soap, lye, etc.]


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