Advanced Hand-Cut Dovetails Dvd

Advanced Hand-Cut Dovetails Dvd


Bench-side instruction on hand-cutting hounds tooth, half-blind and mitered edge dovetails. Building on Hand Cut Dovetails...[Read More]
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Bench Chisels

Bench Chisels

This will probably
be one of the most beneficial hours
you have spent learning woodwork. Chisels are such a fundamental...
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English Hand Tools with Jim Hendricks

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Handle Replacement

Two of the chisels were 5/16 and one had been rather abused. I wanted to re-home this duplicate but it wasn't remotely useable so the time was ripe to re-handle it and at the same time, document the process.

Now, there are a number of ways to do this. I am going to show my way - a slight twist on the traditional way.

You can add barbs to the tang, you can glue it in with modern epoxies, and some suggest burning it in. Feel free to use any of these methods but I want to show a modified step drilling way.

Back in the day this would have been the way just for speed. But I alter the last step to a tight tapered mortise. I find it works better and is less likely to split.

This was the damage. Probably a hammer used, then damp got in,
add a few worms feeding on the carnage and you end up with a basket case.

No messin'!!!! My "Damascus" hatchet - wham bam, thank you maaaaam!

The tangs on these chisels are rectangular section with sharp edges - this is on purpose. The tip would have been a blunt point - it has broken off.

An old leather washer. I'm going to reuse this - it's perfectly viable.

You can use all sorts of wood for these chisels. The key properties are that it should withstand being hit hard - it shouldn't split when you do and back then readily available.

Ash is the wood of choice filling all those requirements but beech is often found on smaller ones. Some of the old ones I have are oak, possibly re-handled.

Learn how. Discover why. Build better.
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