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Buying & Restoring Hand Tools with Ron Herman

Buying & Restoring Hand Tools with Ron Herman


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Sharpen Your Handsaws


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English Hand Tools with Jim Hendricks

  Fillister Plane by Thomas Darbey, Birmingham 2 of 2  

I love JAMES CAM as an iron maker - stunning old steel.

When I flatten a Belgian coticule I save the dust. Used on this old hone, which is super-hard, the fine garnets in the powder polish really quickly and finely. This prevents damage to the "mother" coticule which would be damaged with sharp points.

Razor sharp as you can see and my arm hairs had just grown back too!

Jim Hendricks
My blog: KT Tools
Sevenoaks, Kent

March, 2017

Learn how. Discover why. Build better.
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