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Creating a Profile Scratch and Finishing

In this second part of my article on the replacement of old worn boxing on an 18th Century 1/2" bead moulding plane, I shall be showing how the boxing slices are refined to match the old profile.

But first we need to make a scratch stock. Let's do it ...

First, I found a piece of spring steel... in this case an old and blunt disposable Japanese saw blade. Never throw old blades away... they make excellent scratch blades and cabinet scrapers!

I "blued" it with spray engineer's "blue", but a permanent marker works just as well...

I then marked the profile taking care to match the iron as the old profile on the plane had extensive toe wear.

I then used the good end of the plane to trace the profile roughly. This can be fine tuned later against the profile.

Leave enough steel above the profile shadow to fit into the scratch stock and cut out using a Dremel type grinding wheel.

I used a Proxxon but the fittings are the same. You can use a hacksaw with a fine blade but it's hard work as the spring steel plate is nearly as hard!

I then put the rough blank in a vise and refined the profile, checking often against the undamaged sole.

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