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Creating the cap iron bolt bed rebate, refining the abutments, tuning the "wear", and selecting boxwood handle stock.

In order to test "in the raw" the final throat tuning steps are necessary. The two critical steps are opening the mouth leading edge to allow shavings to pass and also creating the slopes towards the wear on the abutments.

The Veritas PM-V11 steel in these chisels took a battering today. Cutting a rebate in rock hard English boxwood by chopping and chipping is a real test.
The edge stayed sharp and crisp.

I smoothed the floor with a blunt chisel.

I think I will be buying more of these chisels. I honed again at the very
end to clean up but I didn't really need to. Honing took seconds!

The Ashley Iles 1" chisel is perfect for paring
the slope of the abutments to the wear.

The sharpness of this edge allows thick paring as indicated by the beautiful curl!

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