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The billet is prepared. The smoother shows the color I will be striving for and the end.

At Richard Arnold's Charity Event Ollie Sparks gave me the iron and cap iron I ordered for this project. This is entirely custom made even the cap screw, beautifully hardened, then surface ground.

Usually the plane is made around the iron but in this case I had to have the iron made to suite the size of the boxwood - something I couldn't change.

I am now scratching my head over the handle. A 6"x6"x1" block of boxwood is what is needed - any suggestions Huw? I am going to see Bob at Timberline in the next few days to see if he has any Gabon ebony, African blackwood or bog oak that size.

After a few days the boxwood billet hasn't moved a micron so I think that won't be an issue.


I am ready to start cutting?

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