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The Great Hand Plane Revival


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Joinery Handplanes with Bill Anderson

Joinery Handplanes
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American Woodworker's Hand Tool Fundamentals

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English Hand Tools with Jim Hendricks


Two Ripping Saws by Jim Hendricks

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Yesterday I ripped an English walnut board using a Skelton "Seaton" rip handsaw...



... and somewhere amongst the discussion we were sidetracked onto framesaws, questioning their use in a modern workshop.

I promised to do this again - one with a framesaw I made and tomorrow, a Japanese 300 rip saw.

Ripping with a Framesaw

The framesaw has a 600mm "Universal" Japanese blade, recommended by others. Below is the result, including the answer about the kerfing saw kerf vs the framesaw kerf and the effect of this disparity on the cut.

The framesaw can be used two man push pull ala Roubo but is light enough for single operation.

One side...

Other side... perfect tracking.

Here we can see the slight step which is formed because the framesaw blade is thinner than the one from the kerfing saw. A tidy of the sawn face is needed and this will all but disappear, but needs to be taken into account


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Alfie Shine
Hard Wax


Alfie Shine was researched and developed by Jim Hendricks for use on his extensive collection of rare and valuable woodworking hand tools.

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Atkins Saws

Simonds Saws


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