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Mathieson 9B Plough Plane Restoration by Jim Hendricks

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Rust in the bolt holding the fence to the arms is immensely powerful in pushing the boxwood apart and impact damage did the rest.

In the following pictures I will cover the fixing of the knuckles on the arms to the fence and with huge trepidation, the making of a new pair of lock nuts.

Ok...remember that knuckle with the bits out of it and cracks in all directions. Well the best glue for sorting this out is without doubt a good quality low viscosity CA "Super Glue". Pour it in, clamp it up for a few seconds then pour more in and fill with sawdust. Sorted!

After "patination" there will be cracks visible but not much!

Here we see the damaged knuckle now that the CA glue has set up and everything has been rubbed down in readiness for patination again.


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