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Mathieson 9B Plough Plane Restoration by Jim Hendricks

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Normally a patient in this condition would be put down but such is the beauty and rarity of this old boy that it was decided to attempt some pretty radical surgery.

The name tag on the toe said: A. Mathieson & Son, Glasgow & Edinburgh and on the heel: No. 9B. 1822-1924 and the mark indicates >1876.

Injuries include: Two broken legs, missing teeth, damaged wedge, two nuts are removed.

So... surgery is going to be immediate and complex. Some procedures being experimental but the prognosis is good and the surgeon will be recording the operation so that, if successful, others may benefit.

How strange, having just said that I have no planes with an integral carved handle and one drops on the doormat!!! And what a beautiful handle it is.

Look at the sublime detail around the wedge in particular... there are two little walls cuddling the finial! I had bought this on eBay knowing the damage...but totally missed one vital bit which ordinarily would have put me off...the two lock nuts on the inside are conspicuous by their absence!!!

Reading the auction description it clearly states this, so this could prove to be the most difficult operation to perform... we shall see! Time to bring out a special weapon!

This plane is pure class. From the "good" side, there is little to show the damage and overall this plane is well worth bringing back into the land of the living!

Broken both legs dropped from a great height tends to do this sort of damage to boxwood which, though tough stuff, is rather brittle when hit like this.

One leg is a compound fracture too and the wedge has seen better days. Why oh why do people insist on hitting the finial to get the iron out! Damaged teeth are clearly visible too.


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