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Repair of a Complex, Standing Fillister by Jim Hendricks

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I love planes by the "MOONS" as their workshop was around the corner from where I first worked... also many moons ago!!

This beautifully plane was made by by Thos. or John Moon sometime during 1795 - 1828 time period. Their shop was located at 145 St. Martins Lane, London.

The plane has a skewed iron and wedged nicker along with a screwed brass depth stop. The feature that really attracted me to this example was the "boxing". In this case it isn't just boxwood. Ebony is also added to a fillet on the corner. Unfortunately, the whole rear section of ebony was missing.

Here we see the whole section of ebony is missing rear of the nicker.  Some off-cuts of ebony will fix this. The block I have has a huge split in it so I will slowly and selectively cut bits off.

Flattening the ebony with ebony...

Some chocolate shavings...

Sawing a tiny fillet.


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