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English Hand Tools with Jim Hendricks


English Boxwood and Gabon Ebony Pencil Gauge by Jim Hendricks

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Recent projects and tests left me with a few off-cuts of boxwood and ebony and it is a crime to waste it.


I had a quick assessment and decided there was just enough to make a pencil gauge. I've wanted one for ages so this project would be ideal.

Some work inevitably required the use of devils with tails, hamster driven of course, so in line with group rules.

Always worth repeating - Bill Carter's finest plane smoothing the boxwood block,
soon to be part of the head of the gauge.

Now to cut that block precisely in half - the Skelton carcass saw
can do this with ease.

Precision like this is easy - this saw has autopilot mode as standard.

Beautifully book-matched!

Sizing the ebony.


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Folding Rule


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