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English Hand Tools with Jim Hendricks


Getting Over the Blues by Jim Hendricks

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It was a glorious day in Kent this morning. Even ALFIE was keen to bound out to the workshop!!

Ten minutes later we both realized the error we had made - it was freezing! So we both said "sod this for a game of monkeys!", grabbed a bag of carving chisels in need of fettling and a few chemicals and dashed inside to warm up with a lovely coffee to set up shop in the kitchen.

I have mentioned, I simply love the products from the fine American company BIRCHWOOD CASEY, of TRU-OIL, my favorite finish. But I don't think I've talked about their other gun products, so here we go.

Guns are like tools - they're made of steel, exposed to damp conditions and rust if you don't look after them. So my thinking is that if you can go out shooting grouse in the Scottish Highlands with them to no ill effect, then their products should protect chisels in a workshop in Kent.

I used their Blue & Rust Remover and then Super Blue before bluing an iron I made and it is still pristine. So why not blue chisels...

This stuff Blue & Rust Remover is excellent. There wasn't any bluing on the chisels but some light surface rust and grime and this shifted it all, preparing the steel for the bluing liquid. It is important to degrease the metal which I did with meths (denatured alcohol).

Once all the chisels were de-rusted, it is important to remove all traces of the fluid. Again, Methylated Spirit or Denatured Alcohol if you live west of the Pond was used.


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