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This month me and Ron Harper made a deal - a Belgian coticule for a Steve Knight's moving fillister, a left handed one!

A grand deal for both of us and for Her Majesty who managed to squirrel money out of me to let it in the country! Someone should tell the Border control chaps that we have a "special relationship!" Still, I am absolutely thrilled.

Those of you who may not be familiar with KNIGHT TOOLWORKS may think them primitive but Steve was a rare genius, akin to Krenov, caring more for fine functionality and performance than esthetics.

But don't be fooled - his planes are extremely ergonomic, fit beautifully in the hand and their balance ensures they are superb users despite their bulky shape. I have shown the massive jointer before which clearly demonstrates a refinement in the two years since the fillister was made and it's a joy to analyze this evolution.

After only a tickle of the Starrett O1 steel the fillister made a perfect shoulder down the grain Tomorrow I will play across the grain lowering the lethal nicker.

As Steve Knight no longer makes planes these are becoming increasingly rare and thanks to Steve's marks easily catalogued for collectors.

They will make fine additions to the American section of the working museum and I plan to tune them further. Here is a link to an excellent article Wiktor published, written by Steve about the time he was making my jointer... 2005!

Fillister skewed iron alongside the beautifully lethal nicker.

This grub screw aligns the iron to the edge.

By adjusting it with the Allen wrench, perfectly locked alignment
can be achieved and maintained.


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