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  Henry Slater, London, 1868 - 1887 1 of 2  

Henry and son Benjamin were prolific cast iron bodied infill makers...




... cast iron bodied infill makers under their own name and as a supplier to other makers, dealers and even the woodworkers to finish projects themselves.

I recently showed the difference in styles through their period of production, concluding with the very fine "TYZACK" bronze lever cap example with Thomas NORRIS iron.

Today I received what I believe to be my oldest example. Yes, another patient in need of some repair to the wedge but basically sound and deeply patinated.

I think this old one has been user finished and done very well.

Three generations of cast infills, oldest to the left.

As the form changed, the little nuances first appeared such as cutouts to allow the easier removal of shavings, and ultimately to the development of the lever cap.

Tyzack would have bought bodies from Slater to market with their own branding on the lever cap. The iron is almost certainly either an upgrade or later addition, but a very welcome one indeed!

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