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I recently wrote about a rare find - a totally unused Wm. Marples coffin smoother I was lucky enough to pick up on eBay UK for a song.


Immediately after that article a number of kind souls pointed out there was ANOTHER boxed "SHAMROCK BRAND" plane on the same auction site, this time a razee jack, though strangely from a completely different seller.

I was tempted to bid on this, though I don't know quite why, since I have "a few" jacks already! But I was bitten and so it came to pass that I won that too, though it has to be said, at a "slightly" higher price. I fear I may have been a victim of my own scribblings!

Anyway here they are, they look like they belong together. They have been given names as is my wont - "Miss Marples" is the smoother and "Jack the Ripper" is the razee! Only for my own amusement you understand...

I think this "jack" would be a tad smoother in it's cuts!

Would sir like the smoother or the most excellent jack?

Like Christmas really... but I do wish the good Doctor would cease parking his T.A.R.D.I.S on my bleedin' vegetable patch!

Virtually untouched, amazing alone but together exceedingly rare!

The famous "Three Shamrocks" mark, crisp as the day they were stamped!

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