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  Fillister Plane by Thomas Darbey, Birmingham 1 of 2  

Large fillister with nicker and lignum vitae boxing. It also has an astounding skew iron by James Cam, <1781.

Identifying this plane took a bit of "Sherlock" work to ascertain the maker but after some forensic analysis of the mark, it was established that this gem was by Thomas Darbey. The addition of lignum vitae boxing tends to confirm this, as it is a feature mostly found in planes by Birmingham makers.

Thomas Darbey, Birmingham, 1767-1785.

Long shot showing lignum vitae wear blocks.

Gorgeous lignum vitae wear blocks.

The "DARBEY" mark is the ghost hidden under "H.JONES", an old
and very annoying owner!

It is easily identified because stamps with a "top hat" are rare.

I love the heel on this plane!

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