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English Hand Tools with Jim Hendricks

  Get to Grips with Your Handles! by Jim Hendricks


Years ago the late village carpenter taught me a very valuable lesson. Over a few pints of Guinness in the local pub, he looked up and said: "you can tell a quality tool lad... just by its handle! Boxwood - good, ash - utility and rosewood...well that's for them posh gits up at the big house.... init!!"

Those profound words of this old sage stayed with me and never let me down when searching for unfamiliar tools.

And he taught me to recognize handle shapes and styles. His favorite was this one London maker and his distinctive lozenge rosewood or walnut handles.
So when I was browsing my favorite auction site the other day...a few clues had me scrambling to bid.

"Small turning chisels, possibly of German origin".

Had the seller named that "German" company, I should not have won them and certainly not at a fiver a pop!

Yes, these are Holtzapffel & Co., London chisels... Makers of without doubt, the finest ornamental turning lathes and tools in the world, bar none!

So... listen to the old sage... you too could benefit from his wise ramblings!


Jim Hendricks
My blog: KT Tools
Sevenoaks, Kent

April, 2015

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