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Three Little Castings by Jim Hendricks

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One day, flicking through eBay
I stumbled on these three little orphans.

Having won the auction for a song…(after all…they WERE three old rusty hulks!)… I asked the seller if he knew anything of the history.

He replied that he did not know much other than his grandfather said he got them from his father with a view to completing them and alas… neither achieved their goal!

So that puts them into the Victorian era… a time when purchasing castings from the foundry was the cheaper option taken by many craftsmen who were quite capable of finishing them off. After all, planes of this quality were a week’s wage for many a cabinet maker of the era!

I was determined that these would finally be finished… over a century after their birth… a journey of interesting challenges.

I will document here that journey when time permits but suffice to say…they are now my little orphan treasures…

Quite a transformation!

They each have to pay their way and they do it with the quality you would expect from such beauties.


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