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The oldest plane I have is a Robert Wooding, 1706-1728.

He worked under "The Sign of the Three Plaines," Queen Street, London.


When Robert Wooding died his wife, Ann took over the business and took on some apprentices. One of them was Thomas Phillipson.

Planes by these early makers are the Holy Grail for me, so when I managed to secure this fine skew panel plane at a reasonable price. I was chuffed to bits.

The history of this plane is ingrained in every pore.

The wedge on this plane is a replacement, and it is entirely possible the depth stop is of a later vintage too. But the iron is lovely and of particular interest to me are the maker and owner marks. They are exquisite and as crisp as the day they were hammered home.

The absolutely astounding marks of a great maker and proud owners.
I really love the hand cut owner stamps of Messrs. Stone and Harvey,
and how they flow around the text.

Stunning lines and form of this beautiful old tool. Nearly three centuries old.

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