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Like in every country there is supposed to be a north/south divide but as this gorgeous old infill smoother proves, there is often harmony too.



This old guy came this morning, a cheap eBay lot, not shown in his best light I feel. It's old and a really unexpected surprise was that the blurred "duckling" of a raggedy edged wedge turned out to be a beautiful "swan", a cupid's bow decoration, the beauty of which I have not seen for many a moon.

The simplistic beauty of an early Henry Slater of Clerkenwell, London.

Made by Henry Slater of Clerkenwell, London, and sporting a wonderful Ward of Sheffield iron (my favorite edge maker), this baby hails from the mid to late 19th century.

Seen next to my other Slater, a "Norris", you can clearly see how their castings were developed and refined over the decades and how the wedge evolved into the gunmetal lever cap.

The Slaters - granddad and grandson.

I simply love those little adjustment dents and corrosion pitting on the WARD forged iron. Some damage just looks "right", like... who ever saw upright Tudor architecture?

The cupid's bow... what elegance the Victorians had, what sublime
form and beauty... Just in a few French curves...

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