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For the "Dinky Billy" Charity Mini Boxwood Smoother I promised I would make and harden the iron and instead of using my temperature controlled kiln, I promised to show how to build a gas forge on a budget.


Components and Assembly

This project follows closely an excellent online article by Jim Wilson. Pay attention to his warnings on safety and being a homebrew project, construction and use is at your own risk!

You will need:

  • A MAPP "Swirly" type gas torch

  • A large steel bean tin (or mushy peas... in the UK!)

  • Fire bricks

  • Ceramic fire furnace wool

  • Kiln wash mix

  • Strips of steel for supports

  • Thin ceramic plate (optional)

Assembly steps are shown in the images. I am following the suggestion Jim makes about doing this outside unless you are able to take adequate precautions for fire and carbon monoxide, I suggest you do also.

It's really handy having a chef as a son! Thanks James!

The various things you need.

Measure the tip of your torch and make a hole in the tin to fit it.

Drilling is not clean - punch a hole and expand it. I did it by hand with a step drill.


This MAPP torch nozzle fits perfectly.

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