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Some time ago I acquired a lovely plane by Tucker - London, 1796. There is a good chance that he was associated with Christopher Gabriel, various locations, London, 1770-1810.


Gabriel, of Seaton Chest fame, is known to have had an apprentice John Casebourne at Gabriel's Banner St. address. John was apprenticed to Gabriel in 1770. Later, he opened his own shop and was active from 1799 to 1828.

The jointer in the Seaton Chest is the only plane not made by Gabriel and is marked by both Tucker and Casebourne. So even though little is known of Tucker, it is clear that he at least worked with Casebourne and probably for Gabriel.

This week, the now famous Ted Cole of this parish pointed out a pair of planes for sale on eBay UK and, guess what, one was by Tucker and the other by Gabriel! Both have fine marks, both are rounds and both have almost identical characteristics as can be clearly seen.

This has tipped the balance for me. I now must find out more about the mysterious Tucker. He deserves it!

All the characteristics are virtually identical!

Different sizes - a 6 and a 10 but clearly from the same stable.

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