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Mr. Punch Adjustable Mouth Coffin Smoother by Jim Hendricks

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Any dirt is now gone, leaving clean, healthy looking wood.

The mouth closes up perfectly, as was expected.

Not too shiny but great conditioning.

Very powdery surface rust, just from storage.
Other than that, a beautiful new old stock.

I try to avoid the subject of sharpening. Why? Simply because there are as many ways to sharpen as there are woodworkers! And most of them work! But I do want to define "sharp", what it is and how to get there my way.

Let us dispense with a few myths.

You can't get "sharp" from just coarse media. Wrong!

Blunt edges off coarse media can be made sharp by polishing to oblivion. Mostly wrong, certainly a difficult way of doing it!

I need a microbevel. No... but making one on the second honing is the fast way of bringing back an edge.

And one thing to always keep in the back of your mind - sharp is two FLAT surfaces at a suitable angle to each other meeting at a point of infinite smallness. That's it!

Read on through my step by step sharpening and testing of this fine coffin smoother by I. SORBY of SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND.


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