Making Tools with Paul Hamler


Cutting Wood Screws


This video shows fixtures and devices I have used to cut RH and LH wood threads.

It includes tips on reproducing and repair of damaged wood threads on antique plow planes.

Paul comes from a family of craftsmen, his father was a carpenter and according to Paul, could work in any craft and fix anything.

As a teen, Paul began a lifelong interest in the game of billiards and developed his craftsmanship by building billiard tables and selling them in order to, what else, acquire more tools.

When asked how he got started with miniatures he relates a story familiar to most of us— "after I collected most of the common stuff, I started collecting the exotics…." And when faced with the financial realities of owning some of these rare tools, he decided that making copies of them might be a way to "own" those he couldn't afford. His first miniature was a plated brace he had seen in an old tool catalog that just happened to be illustrated in one-third scale.

Paul Hamler
April, 2017
Website: Hamler Tools
YouTube Video Channel






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