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One of the challenges of keeping one’s saws sharp is having a consistent method to hold it in place for filing.

Early hardware manufactures recognized this and bombarded the public with fancy devises to make this job easier. Most saw vises look somewhat similar but have different methods of actuation.

Of course keep it simple was the name of the game. A pair of jaws and some sort of cam lever or screw devise to close them and maintain clamping force. Disston was one of the major suppliers for saw vises but many others also got in on the action.

This example doesn’t have a visible manufacture’s name but does have a patent date. I suppose it could have been a hardware store model. It has a cam action lever to open and close the jaws and clamps to the bench with a hand screw.

Below is the same vise. Notice the bar across the back side. I have to believe that it was intended for use with a filing guide system of some sort. It was not found with the vise. Another feature of this vise is the angle adjustment feature. It is a ball socket that uses a hand screw to loosen and tighten it.

Here is another example that has no manufacturer’s ID. It uses simple thumb screws for clamping and position adjustment. I have to think this comes from the same era.

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