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Handsaw Sharpening & Traditional Tools with Mike Hagemyer

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Here are the vise components all cleaned up and painted. I have also got the bench top nearly done. The vise housing is pocketed into the top and fastened. In order to not compromise the main purpose for this bench, I decided to stick with my original thinking and put the vise in the middle.

The work will be centered at the front with all my sharpening tools behind, in easy reach. I still need to build a lower shelf and the tool tray but first I will finish up the vise and add an apron to the front of the bench top. With that done I will be able to actually use the bench and vise to help make the rest of the components.

Picture below shows the oak apron in place and I have added a 16 inch long oak jaw insert to the outer vise jaw. Because the main vise body is pocketed, the oak apron covers the inner vise jaw.

Anything clamped in the vise is contacted by wood only. The apron and vise are square to the top surface and they have been planed flush. The jaw insert and apron are screwed in place only so they may be replaced easily and to keep the vise serviceable. This arrangement is very handy for holding work pieces at ninety degrees to each other, one in the vise and the other on the bench top; which is exactly how I bored the mortise and tenon joints for the stretcher bolts.

Below I have two boards clamped in the vise for jointing with the number 7. After jointing the mating edges I used a Stanley number 48 plane to tongue and groove them. These two boards and one more will become one for the bottom of the tray. The lower shelf boards will also be tongue and groove joined.

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