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This little saw was lost amongst countless rust laden and forgotten items that had been given up on and labeled as trash.


 After being offered for sale with an adjoining miter box for 7 dollars with no takers I happened along. The sale was officially over and the only things left were destined for the dump. I was offered anything I wanted from the pile for free. I passed on everything but this little package. I felt like I was taking home and abandoned puppy.

It is pretty obvious that this thing had not been used in a very long time but the handle was unmistakably Disston turn of the last century. The miter box it was stuffed in looks much newer to me and probably not a first marriage. I could be wrong but I donít think so.

I did a patent search on the patent number listed on the box and it came up with an issue date of Nov. 14, 1961. This is the patent image I found and it matches the box exactly. I rest my case.

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