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Woodworking with Bill Gerold

  Bistro/Bar Table and Chairs Build - part 2 by Bill Gerold 14 of 22  

Sizing the tenon shoulders with a shoulder plane.

Long pieces fit with a pressure fit. So nice when they just go together.

Top stiles in place. Now I have to decide on the lower supports. I don't want the long sides to have a bar across so it's on to the Design Pad.

Day 14 - dimensioning the table top.

First I cut the boards to length and then ripped them to width. Finally I planed the tops and sides and scraped the tops. One side effect of going unplugged is building up shoulder muscles from ripping the boards.

Flattening the surface of each board - 15 in total.

Scraping the surface to get a nice smooth top.


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