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Prototype clamped up - I like it!

After making the prototype I decided to dimension needed materials. I started by cutting to length and ripping the legs to width from some 8/4 X 12 Mahogany. Thank goodness I have sharp saws and a nice saw bench.

Then I laid out the mortises which took some time as I had to account for the angles cut in the legs.

I then dimensioned the side pieces. I was able to get everything from one piece on 8/4 X12"X12' mahogany and some cutoffs I had in the shop left over from the Adirondack chair set project.

Legs cut to size and ready for the ends to be cut at 7 degrees. That's a Stanley Mitre Box and Disston saw - Oldies but Goodies.

Setting the mitre saw's angle - old meets new.

Cutting the ends - notice the block to ensure repeated cuts.
This will be very important when I start on the cross member tenons.

After re-sawing - cleaning saw marks.


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Stanley Chisels



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