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Restoring Planes: Metal and Wooden

  Restoration of a Spiers Smoother by Adrian Britt 2 of 2  

The original chip breaker from Ward. Still numbered to the plane.

Iím not sure if this Mathieson iron is original but very possibly. It isnít numbered.
I can TIG weld some more 01 tool steel to the iron and hopefully bring
it back into service later.

The lever cap screw was bent. This needed careful straightening.

The toe of the plane. Note the ďpatentĒ stamp. It appears to be May 16th, 1916.
Can anyone shed any light on this? First time seeing this.

Hereís the plane refurbished and dealing handily with some tiger Maple.
The new rosewood bun cap was added from a similar species of rosewood.
Itís a great match. Iíll need to darken it a little more probably.

The sole lapped in perfectly and the mouth is quite tight. Itís now ready
to go another 100 Yearís.

A set of Gerd Fritsche iron and chip breaker gave new life to the plane.
Itís 2-1/8Ē wide.

Adrian Britt
Atlanta, GA USA
July, 2018


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