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Restoring Planes: Metal and Wooden

  Restoration of a Spiers Smoother by Adrian Britt 1 of 2  


This was another fun project. I bought two badly misused and abused infill smoothers.

They were basically parts planes and priced accordingly.


After decades of abuse and even more time neglected, they really needed help. I started with the round sided coffin smoother.

At first, I knew it would need a new iron. I strongly suspected I would have to make new infills for it. The body is dovetailed and the brass lever cap worked well. I straightened the bent cap screw and began cleaning.

The absolute beauty of the original infill was outstanding. I quickly decided I would try to preserve the infills. I stabilized the cracks in the rear infill. I sawed off the sheared front infill level with the steel body. I then made a new rosewood bun cap.

I used other Spiers planes as a guide to shape and size. It worked out well overall. The project left me with a very nice “user” Plane with loads of life left.

In the end, I was glad to be able to reuse so much of the original plane. I’m equally happy to bring an old workhorse back into regular everyday service.

The two planes as received. Quite sad the shape and condition of these two.

The plane showed evidence of multiple drops including shearing off the front bun.

The rear of the plane had been so overly beaten, the whole of the infill was cracked. As seen here, a crack went through the entire infill from rear to the bed and all the way to the lower infill. The two piece rear infill was separated and very weak. I used CA glue to fill in and stabilize this situation.

You can easily see the outstanding beauty of this rosewood infill.


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