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  Sharpening Stones Boxwood Boxes by Adrian Britt 2 of 2  

My medium oil stone box is complete. It was not as labor intensive as I was fearing. Once I had defined the layout for the stone to set in, it was all up to the router plane. I was able to get about 2/3 the stone depth routed into the bottom half. The rest easily fit into the lid.

The finished box adjacent to the stone it was made for.
The spalted Boxwood really makes a build unique.

It’s a thin stone box. It’s around 1-1/2” thick by 3” wide by 9-1/2” in length.
You can see here the joining pieces are chamfered for easy access.

This will look fantastic as it darkens over time.

The stone nestled into the box. A rosewood wedge keeps
the stone “tight” in the box.

Ready to go to work.

I used an 1/8” side bead plane to put a bead around the bottom edge. The lid features a simple raised panel effect. I chamfered the adjoining halves to make them easy to separate. Lastly, I rounded the corners so they wouldn’t get damaged during hard work.

I hope you enjoy. Thanks for viewing.

Adrian Britt
Atlanta, GA USA
May, 2018


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