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  Sharpening Stones Boxwood Boxes by Adrian Britt 1 of 2  


Iíve really needed to do this for quite some time. Enough procrastination!

The first step was timber selection. Boxwood was an obvious choice here.



The first step was setting out a design and layout. Then I put a couple planes to work making the design a reality. I finished the exterior first, and now to saw in half and carve the interior features. Stay tuned for this progress. Iíll be doing two boxes in total. Each will be different.

Timber selection complete. Definitely Boxwood will be the star of the show.

Here I cut the cross grain chamfers first.

Now onto the parallel chamfers. I leave a nice raised panel as a reveal.

The finished top. Itís subtle but classic I think.

The externals are completed. An 1/8Ē bead around the bottom adds a special touch. Once the timber is cut in two, 45 degree chamfers will allow easy access
to the interior. The lid will be a simple lift off.


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