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I like Norris planes and have several of them. Post-war A5s have features that distinguish them from pre-war A5s. Some of the features are cosmetic, and some are fundamental changes in construction.


In pre-war models, the sides of the body were dovetailed together using steel plates. In contrast, the sides of the post-war models are welded to the bottom. Welding is a major change in construction.

Cosmetic changes are also significant. In the pre-war planes, the infill was made in rosewood. The post-war planes have ebonized beech wood.

Example of pre-war Norris A5.

Example of the post-war Norris A5.

The plane I purchased was in poor condition. Rust pitting covered the entire body. A previous owner rebuilt the iron by cutting the blade end off and welding on new tool steel. Water damage had ruined the wood finish. It was certainly a candidate for restoration.

I fixed the iron and filed off the worst of the rust and corrosion. The adjuster works very well and is still a high-quality piece. The results were OK, but not very satisfactory to me and I decided to replace the infill with Boxwood.

The goal is to take a plane turn it into a tool I wanted to reach for every time.

The plane disassembled and the new parts selected.


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