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Making and Using Tools - Planes, Scrapers, and Shaves

  Building an English Steel Miter Plane – Part II by Adrian Britt 8 of 13  

I use my carcase saw to cut the main wedge angle and to rough shape the wedge. By taking small angled cuts around the finial, I can create the rough shape.

The rough shape starts to emerge. I use a combination of a ¼” chainsaw file, ¼” triangular file, and a “blunt” chisel to create the scroll wedge profile.

The rough wedge is complete. I sand it lightly to even
any high spots or imperfections.

I check the fit of the wedge and plane it to the correct width.
Using a piece of scrap 1/8” plate, I test the fit of the wedge.

At the bottom of the wedge, I’m going to have a Cupid’s bow. To start, I make a center cut using a ¼” triangular file. On either side of the “V”, I cut two semi-circles using the ¼” chainsaw file.


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