A Traditional Tool Chest in Two Days with Christopher Schwarz Video Download

A Traditional Tool Chest in Two Days with Christopher Schwarz Video Download


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Blacksmithing for Woodworkers: Forging a Custom Hinge DVD

Blacksmithing for Woodworkers: Forging a Custom Hinge DVD


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Making and Using Tools - Planes, Scrapers, and Shaves

  Building an English Steel Miter Plane – Part I by Adrian Britt 6 of 13  

The front of the plane is constructed in very much the same way as the bridge. I will use dovetails, instead of the tenons, to secure the front piece.

I start with the front plate and mark the pins. Once these are cut, I remove all waste. Now the pin can be transferred to the plane sides for the tails. I scribe the areas to be sawn and filed.

This is the end of Part I. The next part will be about:

  • Filing the bridge for the Cupid’s Bow and Crescent

  • Peening the body together

  • Filing and finishing the metal parts of the plane

  • Making and fitting the infill and the wedge

  • Making the iron

Thank you very much for viewing.

My best,

Adrian Britt
Atlanta, GA
August, 2017

Adrian Britt

I am from the Atlanta, Georgia USA area and have been involved with woodworking since 1994. At first, my interests were carpentry related to home improvements and decks. Within a couple of years I began to build woodworking projects such as, jewelry and keep-sake boxes. This led into selling some projects and making boxes for birthdays and holidays. During this stage, I was primarily using power tools of one sort or another.

Living close to Highland Woodworking, I took classes on Sharpening, Hand Tools, Joinery, and more. By 1997, I was hooked on hand tool usage. Ever since then, I have built furniture and bespoke items using only hand tools. My first tool making foray was building a chisel plane. Then I built marking knives, winding sticks, straight edges, and squares. In 2013, I bought my first Gerd Fritsche A13 Norris – style kit. After assembling and tuning that plane, my focus became making wooden and metal hand planes.

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Spear & Jackson

Norris Planes


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