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Making and Using Tools - Planes, Scrapers, and Shaves

  Couple Lots from David Stanley Auction by Adrian Britt 1 of 2  



I won a couple lots at the last David Stanley auction.

A box of interesting planes that will be fun to sharpen and make use of.



A craftsman built shoulder plane made from a bronze casting and sweated steel sole, and a Norris Smoother with a steel toe.

These will be fun to clean up.

The lot as advertised at the auction. 4 compass planes and 3 specialty routers.

This one really intrigued me. A bronze casting, steel sole, and
Hearnshaw iron with plenty of life.

This is a beauty. Only lightly used and in excellent condition. Under the wedge
and on the bed is marked “Russell”. It is struck very cleanly. It’s so clean,
I wonder how recently it was struck.

The sole is pristine with a beautiful mouth. The streak behind the mouth
is not a crack, but an old scratch from use.


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