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  I call this the ďJimi-JackĒ by Adrian Britt 1 of 3  

Iíve been admiring (more like copious drooling) the Boxwood/Gabon Ebony Jack plane of Jim Hendricks for the better part of last year. It is such a beautiful plane. Inspired by that project, I thought now is the time to proceed.

I didnít have any large Ebony, so Iím using some lovely Katalox for the wedge, strike button, and handle. A solid plus is that Katalox is super tough and has interlocked fibers.

The Boxwood is courtesy of Huw Crompton, a friend and fellow woodworker. The boxwood billet is quite nice, but is not straight grained. It twists and curves in all kinds of nasty directions. But it has some outstanding figure. A little strategic epoxy deployed with a syringe injector stabilized the nastiest areas.

I have everything roughed out. The bed needs a little more work. Iím probably going to make the iron and wedge next. Iíll test it before proceeding after that. From there itís chamfers, smoothing, finishing, and testing again.

After defining the mouth and making the birds beak opening, I drilled my
holes along the bed line. Here you can see Iím using a 1Ē chisel to reach my holes.

I chisel the initial bed line at a greater angle than drawn. Iíll float the bed
down to the proper pitch later.

Iím happy with the bed angle. Itís now time to cut the cheeks.
Using a pad saw will make short work of this.

You can see the geometry for the bed and throat angle. The wear is from
the front of the mouth up 1/2Ē to intersect with the throat.
You can also see the dimensions of the Razee relief.

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