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  Boxwood “Hatter’s” Plane by Adrian Britt 1 of 2  


This little plane was item 12
at the Richard Arnold charity auction. It was originally made by master plane maker Bill Carter.

It was formerly in the David Russell collection and donated to the auction by David Stanley.


This was a specialty plane used for a specific job. However, once I sharpened it, I found it worked very well to make concave chamfers and such. It’s very precise and it’s a beauty to use and look at.

Please review the photos for more details. Enjoy!

Smooth a silk. As one would expect from a Bill Carter plane.
The thumb hold adds a nice nuance.

The brass face adds an important degree of stability to the plane body.
It also keeps the wedge abutment from snapping off. It also adds a nice
touch being brass.

The mouth is not skewed per se. However, the bed is not 90 degrees
to the brass face. It is 10-15 degrees acute.

The wonderful makers mark.


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